At Campspot, our team works hard to continuously enhance our campground management and reservation software. This includes consulting with our customers, developing new features within the platform, and building integrations with external partners. We do this to lighten your workload and help you manage a smarter campground!

To kick off 2023, we’re highlighting five top-notch Campspot Software features that you must try this new year. Read on to learn how you can leverage these five tools to grow your business.

1. Text Messaging

In an era of limited attention spans and ubiquitous digital communication, SMS messaging reigns as a highly valuable business tool. That’s why Campspot enables campground operators to text guests currently at their properties, guests checking in the same day, or guests checking in within a certain date range up to 30 days out. There are many texting use cases for campgrounds, such as notifying campers of severe weather, upcoming amenity maintenance, or a limited time promotion.

Streamlined functionality and compliance assurance are two main benefits of texting guests through Campspot. New campers are already prompted to opt in to receive texts when they make an online reservation, which is a crucial legal requirement for businesses. Guests can also opt out of texting at any time without the need for manual tracking. Texts are conveniently sent from one toll-free phone number that’s registered with all carriers to reduce cost and improve deliverability across the United States, Canada, and international numbers.

Imagine the ease of strategically communicating mass messages to your campers, all through one platform at one low cost. Learn how to enable text messaging today.

2. Mailchimp Integration

In addition to text messaging, emailing remains a tried-and-true method for communicating with customers. Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms and integratesdirectly with Campspot. Our software automatically imports your Campspot customer data into Mailchimp. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually exporting and uploading data.

This integration also simplifies audience segmentation for your various marketing campaigns. For example, audience one—guests who are set to check out the next day—could receive an “extend your stay” offer at a discount via Mailchimp, while audience two—past guests who haven’t returned in over six months—could receive a separate promotional email to visit again. Never worry about disorganized audience lists or segmented messaging again.

Mailchimp offers over 300 third-party integrations for Campspot users to explore and incorporate into their email campaigns. Additionally, crafting branded and uncluttered e-newsletters is a breeze with Mailchimp’s drag-and-drop templates. To begin, first sign up with Mailchimp and then follow our step-by-step guide for syncing your Mailchimp and Campspot accounts. New to email marketing? Check out our top email marketing strategies for campgrounds, too!

3. Online Store Add-Ons

The ability for campground operators to sell add-ons through the Campspot reservation workflow has long been a staple feature, and for good reason. While reservations are the bread and butter of campground revenue, they are by no means the only potential income source. By highlighting add-on purchase opportunities directly within the online checkout process, our software creates a low-effort and high-demand revenue stream for park owners.

In addition to selling daily add-ons like golf cart rentals, operators can sell add-ons with quantity. This highly requested feature includes the ability to sell bags of ice, bundles of firewood, T-shirts, and many other quantifiable products. In 2021, Campspot Software customers made $33.3 million in add-on revenue alone—a number which only stands to grow now that add-ons with quantity are possible. Campspot’s integrated point-of-sale system paired with your camp store and endless add-on opportunities means more ancillary income in your pocket. Watch our video tutorial to get started.

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4. Campspot Analytics

Data visualization is the representation of information through visual elements like graphs, maps, and charts. This ability to clearly view data trends and trajectories is a game changer for those operating in the outdoor hospitality industry, which is why Campspot Analytics was born. Users save time and effort without needing to download CSV files to understand their business performance. Choose from seven dashboards to visualize key campground data at your fingertips, such as an overview of recent booking trends or a real-time snapshot of park occupancy. New dashboards are also regularly added.

If you’re ready to make more data-driven, impactful business decisions, start using Campspot Analytics today. One free Campspot Analytics user seat is included for each park, with the option to buy additional seats as needed.

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5. Integration

Modern consumers often use online travel agencies to book vacations, given the variety and aggregation of many lodging options on one website. is one such online travel agency where over 1.5 million room nights are reserved every day. Through our integration with this hospitality giant, you can crosslist your bookable sites on and easily manage them in Campspot. This partnership means vast brand exposure to a new audience of campers who are waiting to discover your property.

New reservations will appear in Campspot as normal. For added convenience, certain site type setup rules from Campspot will automatically transfer over: occupancy rules, minimum and maximum stay lengths, advanced booking limits, and resort closed rules. Learn more by reading our full FAQ article.

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While these five Campspot Software features are certainly newsworthy, Campspot offers countless powerful features to support your campground. Join the Campspot Family by simply filling out this form to demo our platform in action. For existing customers, there’s no better time than now to take advantage of texting messaging, add-ons with quantity, Campspot Analytics, and our Mailchimp and integrations!

Haley Dalian is a lifelong Michigander who takes advantage of recreation throughout the state’s changing seasons, such as skiing up north in the winter and scuba diving the Great Lakes in the summer. A former Campspot marketing employee, Haley is pursuing a Master of Science degree at the University of Michigan’s School for Environment and Sustainability. She is passionate about solving the world’s sustainability challenges, enjoys performing improvisational comedy, and has never met a potato she didn’t like.

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