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Campspot Integrations

Campspot Integrations

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Online Travel Agents

Campspot offers two ways to integrate with Airbnb. The first is a direct integration via DerbySoft that gives the campground full control of the listing. The second option is managed by BnBerry—a concierge service that handles the listings for you. Through the integration with Airbnb, bookings made on Airbnb will automatically book in Campspot keeping all your reservations in one central location.

Online Travel Agents

Campspot’s full-service integrations with Airbnb and Vrbo are managed by Bnberry, a concierge that handles the listings for you.

Online Travel Agents

Thanks to a seamless integration with DerbySoft—the technology that facilitates the connection—campgrounds can list inventory on Booking.com while continuing to view and manage all their listings on Campspot.

Clover Connect
Payment Processing

Campspot’s integration with Clover Connect enables campgrounds to easily and securely process both online payments and card-present EMV terminal payments. In addition to supporting credit and debit cards, the integration also supports the ability to process ACH payments.

Campground Management

Factor4’s solution allows campers to buy and redeem gift cards online and at the campground.

Inex Tech
Campground Management

The Inex Tech IZCloud gate system scans vehicle license plates and opens automatically for approved vehicles.

Payment Processing

Coming soon: Lightspeed Restaurant POS, K-Series! A powerful POS system that can unify your campground and restaurant operations for a more efficient workflow.

Communications & Marketing

This integration automates the import of customer data into Mailchimp by syncing with your customer and reservation data in Campspot.

Campground Management

Campspot’s Accounting Integration automates the daily posting of journal entry reports directly from Campspot into Netsuite.

QuickBooks Online
Campground Management

Campspot’s Accounting Integration automates the daily posting of journal entry reports directly from Campspot into Quickbooks Online.

Remote Lock
Campground Management

RemoteLock is a safe and efficient access control system for properties that enables hosts to automate property access, and strike the perfect balance between campground security and guest convenience.

Sage Intacct
Campground Management

Campspot’s Accounting Integration automates the daily posting of journal entry reports directly from Campspot into Sage Intacct.

Sensible Weather
Campground Management

Add the ability for your guests to purchase a Weather Guarantee right on the check-out page of your consumer booking site.

Communications & Marketing

SimpleTexting takes advantage of the Campspot integration with Mailchimp to enable open, two-way communication between campgrounds and their campers via text.

Campground Management

With Unifocus, you can manage your workforce teams and operations in one place.

Online Travel Agents

With the integration with Vrbo, bookings made on Vrbo will automatically book in Campspot keeping all your reservations in one central location.

Wild Energy
Campground Management

Wild Energy is a sustainable energy management solution for campgrounds that automates the process of collecting and inputting meter readings. The integration with Campspot saves parks time and improves accuracy.

Payment Processing

Campspot’s integration with Worldpay enables campgrounds to easily and securely process online credit card and debit card payments.

The Campspot Online Booking API

Campspot’s Online Booking API enables the integration of our availability and booking engine with park and third-party websites and solutions.

Developers can access the Online Booking API and use it to showcase and aggregate a campground’s rates and real-time availability within its own website.

Ryan Powell, Technical Product Manager

The Campspot Difference

Guest Focus

Your guests and their experiences are your number one priority. Ipso Facto, they’re our number one priority, too.

Modern, Intuitive Features

We prioritize building smart features that save you and your staff time and drive revenue.

Customer Support

All of our support team members eat metaphorical Wheaties for breakfast. Their jam is getting you out of a jam.

Industry Trust

Campspot is respected as the top-rated campground management software in the industry.

Campspot Integrations FAQs

An integration is something that enables one platform to talk to another platform. It’s how the components of two or more different systems can work together as one.

At Campspot, we have integrations that are focused exclusively on reporting, integrations where customer information is securely shared, and integrations where the entire user interface is updated relative to the integration. On top of that, there are channel managers and middleware companies that may play a role as well, which requires some conforming in order to connect to the full list of available integration partners. Beyond the importance of the integration itself, it’s often more important to understand how the outside platform is integrated.

From attending trade shows to speaking with members of our operator advisory council, we hear the feedback and needs of operators directly from the source. We want to know what solutions will be the best operationally and revenue-wise for our customers. We do our best to align our development timeline and capacity based on this input from those we serve. Whatever impacts operators’ most day-to-day, we factor in that perspective alongside the types of value-added features and integrations Campspot is best equipped to bring to life.

If you are hoping to unlock the value of integrations through a software provider, make sure to ask them during a demo how knowledgeable they are about the integration and its specific fit for managing a campground. This may help to avoid the mismatch issues we noted earlier. And rest assured, Campspot keeps this fit top of mind!

Beyond just evaluating the software provider, the platform itself, and how well the integration works, there are a few next order questions to consider:

  • How does it integrate, such as through a one-way API?
  • What new capabilities does the feature unlock?
  • What are its functional limitations?
  • How is information transmitted?

Most importantly, ask if this new capability will make your daily operations run smoother. After all, you’re looking to reduce effort, not add to your to-do list.

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From the front desk to housekeeping to the camp store, Campspot helps ensure things run smoothly.


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