The Campspot Integrations Portal:
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Connect with dozens of third-party applications, all of which enable easier-than-ever management and oversight of your park. 

The Integrations You Need

Communications and Marketing

Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

Campground Management

Campspot Online Booking API

Payment Gateways

A Commitment to Building Integrations that Matter

Integrations are an important part of software. Campspot’s integrations provide the best experience for core campground needs while also extending functionality in key areas. By working with valuable partners through Campspot, you can find the perfect set of solutions to meet your needs.

Whether you need your CRM to talk to your email marketing tool so you can send effective communications, or you need two-way text messaging to communicate with guests, or you want to expand your reach by appearing on popular OTAs, integrations help you more effectively run your business.

“Campspot supports a diverse set of campground needs, but we recognize for many parks, Campspot is a central piece in a larger ecosystem of solutions, and by integrating with key tools in that ecosystem, we ensure the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and unlock opportunities for parks.”

—Ryan Powell, Technical Product Manager, Integrations

Integrations for Communications and Marketing


Marketing Automation and Email Marketing

This integration automates the import of customer data into Mailchimp by syncing with your customer and reservation data in Campspot.


Text Messaging

SimpleTexting takes advantage of the Campspot integration with Mailchimp to enable open, two-way communication between campgrounds and their campers via text.

Integrations for Online Travel Agents (OTAs)


Thanks to a seamless integration with DerbySoft—the technology that facilitates the connection—campgrounds can list inventory on while continuing to view and manage all their listings on Campspot.



With the integration with Airbnb, bookings made on Airbnb will automatically book in Campspot keeping all your reservations in one central location. The Airbnb and Vrbo connections are managed by BnBerry—a concierge service that handles the listings for you, from content updates and optimizations to guest inquiries.



With the integration with Vrbo, bookings made on Vrbo will automatically book in Campspot keeping all your reservations in one central location.



Parks listed on the Campspot Marketplace receive additional exposure on RoverPass.



Campspot’s integrations with Airbnb and Vrbo are managed by Bnberry, a concierge that handles the listings for you.

“Having a presence on OTAs can help you reach new customers that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. But, we know the real pain for a campground comes from the time and effort required to learn each platform and manage inventory from different places. Our goal at Campspot is not only to help campgrounds sell more site nights, but to also enable parks to manage their distribution channels with ease.”

—Michael Scheinman, Campspot CEO

Integrations for Campground Management


Gate Control

The Inex Tech IZCloud gate system scans vehicle license plates and opens automatically for approved vehicles.


Workforce Management

With Unifocus, you can manage your workforce teams and operations in one place.

Factor 4

Gift Cards & Loyalty Program

Factor4’s solution allows campers to buy and redeem gift cards online and at the campground.

Sensible Weather

Weather Protection

Add the ability for your guests to purchase a Weather Guarantee right on the check-out page of your consumer booking site.


Smart Utility Metering

Coming soon!

Remote Lock

Access control

Coming soon!


POS integration

Coming soon!

Integrations for Payment Processing

Clover connect

Payment Processor

Campspot’s integration with Clover Connect enables campgrounds to easily and securely process both online payments and card-present EMV terminal payments. In addition to supporting credit and debit cards, the integration also supports the ability to process ACH payments.

Integrate with Campspot’s Online Booking API

Campspot’s Online Booking API enables the integration of our availability and booking engine with park and third-party websites and solutions. Developers can access the Online Booking API and use it to showcase and aggregate a campground’s rates and real-time availability within its own website.

“Our customers have been enthusiastically vocal about the new experience, sharing with us that they love the functionality as well as the look and feel of our new site. They appreciate how easy it is to investigate different campgrounds and different sites within each park as they plan their future visits, and we are able to reward our loyal, repeat campers automatically, making the whole process so user-friendly. The cohesiveness of our collection is much more apparent.”

—Ali Rasmussen, co-founder of Spacious Skies Campgrounds

Explore Other Campspot Features

Growth And Revenue

Campspot makes it easy for you to make money with abundant revenue-driving features and options that you control.

Management And Operations

From the front desk to housekeeping to the camp store, Campspot helps ensure things run smoothly.


Get noticed with Campspot’s marketing tools, including email marketing, two-way texting, and the largest private campground OTA.

Guest Experience

A clean, easy-to-use website and an intuitive booking experience help campers visualize your campground and easily imagine themselves at your park.

Data AND Reporting

From visualized dashboards and customizable reports to downloadable CSV files, Campspot helps you monitor the most important health metrics for your park.

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