Any software is only as good as the quality services it provides and the authentic relationships it keeps. As a platform conceived by campground operators for campground operators, Campspot has kept the importance of our customer relationships front and center. The strength of our services lies in the strategic combination of our native features and powerful integrations.  

Campspot’s Integration Philosophy

To quote our vice president of product and design, our integration philosophy is built upon two key principles: 

First, we keep our development team focused on maintaining and iterating the core software elements as much as possible. Even with numerous, powerful integrations, at the end of the day we still wouldn’t be as good of a provider if we didn’t prioritize our software basics. 

Second, we’re working toward having a wide variety of integrations available right within Campspot that not only address the unique business needs of campground operators, but offer multiple options for any given vertical. 

We hold this delicate balance for development in mind at all times when crafting our product roadmapbut most importantly, we listen first.  

From attending many annual trade shows to speaking with members of our operator advisory council, we hear the input and needs of operators directly from the source. We seek to know what solutions will be the best operationally and revenue-wise for our customers. We then use this to inform how we align our development timeline and capacity. Finally, we decide whether we can fill a need better through native feature development or smart integration partnerships. 

The best part about our integration philosophy is that we have no plans to slow down or limit the options for Campspot users. To learn more about what integrations we currently offer and the exciting milestones up next, charge ahead.

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Campspot’s Current Integration Offerings 

The full suite of third-party services currently available through Campspot are listed on our Integrations Homepage. Let’s briefly explore the functionality and benefits of each integration. 

  • SimpleTexting, to enable two-way text messaging between campgrounds and campers
  • Factor4, to allow campers to buy and redeem gift cards online and at the Campspot-powered properties they visit
  • Industry-leadings, Vrbo, Airbnb, RoverPass—to feature your camping inventory and amplify your brand’s reach
  • Business intelligence and data ingestion tools—Power BI, Looker, Webhook, S3, SFTP—to empower park operators’ decisions through intelligent data  
  • Google Analytics, to track website performance and unlock key analysis
  • Google Tag Manager, to allow integration with website tracking and advertising platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook/Meta Analytics, and more
  • InexTech, to enable license plate scanning and secure gate controls
  • Unifocus, to offer smart workforce management options such as staff scheduling 
  • Sensible Weather, to provide campers with guaranteed weather cancellation options 
  • Clover Connect, to process payments securely, seamlessly, and conveniently

Last but certainly not least, we have our own Campspot Online Booking API, ​​which enables the integration of our reservation availability and booking engine with our partner parks’ websites as well as third-party solutions.

Integrations We’re Actively Strengthening 

Amid our exciting array of existing integrations lies our desire to keep iterating and developing greater value for our customers. As mentioned, we prioritize our integration improvement and development decisions directly from our customers’ feedback. 

Below are the three most commonly requested integrations from our Campspot partners. 

  • Access Control for Doors, Common Areas, and Gates
    • We recognize that the ability to provide information to your incoming guests by site number, such as cabin door codes, is a coveted feature. That’s why we’re interested in making the function a reality through Invoice Messages or separate email sending. We plan for this option to eventually fit seamlessly within our existing RemoteLock integration. 
  • QuickBooks Online
    • Campspot currently allows for parks to download our reports in the format compatible for direct upload into QuickBooks Desktop version but not QuickBooks Online. We are eagerly working on the ability to integrate directly with QuickBooks Online to avoid these steps in the future. 
  • OTA Enhancements
    • Overwhelmingly, we’ve heard that bolstering the functionality of our existing, Airbnb, and Vrbo integrations should be our top OTA integration priority. To date, we’ve received very few requests to add new OTA channels, but we encourage users to submit feature requests if desired.

      For now, we are actively working on expanding our current OTA integration capabilities to include greater inventory control and management features. This means operators will be able to send fees, modify listings instead of needing to cancel and rebook them, control how many units are listed on the OTA, and more.

      If there is an OTA integration you want Campspot’s team to consider, please add or upvote an existing request via our feedback module in Campspot. 

New Integrations Coming Soon

We’re happy to share the upcoming integration releases that our customers can plan to utilize during the peak summer season.

  • Lightspeed POS, to strengthen built-in point-of-sale functionality for operators’ retail goods and general purpose needs
  • Wild Energy, for wireless utility metering with 100% accurate reads and added ease
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud and HubSpot to manage all things customer-related
  • RemoteLock enhancements, including access control for common area doors and gates, and site-specific door access control 
  • Accounting integrations, such as Quickbooks Online, Sage Intacct, and NetSuite to create a more seamless booking keeping experience 

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Integrations Up Next 

Aside from the integrations we plan to strengthen and release in the near-term, we are actively working on more integrations that parks can expect to see later this year. 

Some examples of integrations we’re exploring include document management platforms (e.g., waivers), additional payment processors, and wristband payment systems. We are equally investigating middleware providers who can facilitate the integration of multiple accounting and CRM systems at once, unlocking even more options for park operators. Lastly, we plan to add to our own APIs to encourage others to integrate with us. 

While not an exhaustive list of our integration ambitions, we’re confidently moving in the direction of providing many robust integration options in-house while also allowing other systems to build within our software. 

Value Over Volume

Whether it’s about our current offerings or the upcoming integrations we’re vetting, our M.O. is to provide integrations that add real value, not just volume. With Campspot, you fortunately receive both through our high-quality, trusted vendor options and dedication to developing more.


Haley Dalian is a lifelong Michigander who takes advantage of recreation throughout the state’s changing seasons—from snow skiing to scuba diving in the Great Lakes. A former Campspot marketing manager, Haley holds a B.A. degree in public policy from Michigan State University and an M.S. degree in sustainability from the University of Michigan. She is passionate about environmental stewardship, exploring the outdoors, and has never met a potato she didn’t like.

Image credit: Adobe Stock user – Gorodenkoff