Campground Management and Operations

It takes a lot to run a campground. Campspot’s campground management solutions are designed to streamline operations and make your day-to-day tasks easier.

Features That Streamline Campground Operations

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Analytics and Reporting

It’s easy to track the health of your park with Campspot’s robust reporting and analytics tools. Campspot Analytics includes visual dashboards that can help you answer core business questions on the fly. Customize dashboards, connect reservation activity feed to your own BI tools, schedule regular reports, and more.

Campspot Certification

Our self-guided training course is designed to help users navigate the software, making it easier than ever to train your staff.

Text Messaging

Send important updates to your guests through our campground management system using SMS text messaging. Additionally, our SimpleTexting integration enables two-way text messaging.

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Third-Party Integrations

Integrations with popular tools such as Mailchimp and SimpleTexting make it easier than ever to manage all of your campground operations.

Guest Self Service

With Campspot, you have the option to let campers manage certain aspects of their own reservations without needing to call the park. Features such as Online Cancellations and Date Changes empower guests to manage their own reservation and save your park time.

Point-of-Sale Management

From firewood to golf-cart rentals, guests can add amenities to their reservations during the booking process. These items might include daily or hourly rentals, or items from your camp store.

Managing a Campground Is Often in the Details

Specific Campspot features that elevate both the manager and the camper’s experience:

✔ Auto-Charge Balance Rule
✔ Recurring guest billing
✔ Guest Self Service Edits
✔ Cash and accrual accounting
✔ Housekeeping dashboard

✔ User-created business rules
✔ Custom gift card management
✔ One-way text messaging w/ Campspot
✔ Two-way Text Messaging w/ SimpleTexting
✔ Mailchimp integration

Explore Other Campspot Features

Growth and Revenue

Campspot makes it easy for you to make money with abundant revenue-driving features and options that you control.


Get noticed with Campspot’s marketing tools, including email marketing, two-way texting, and the largest camping OTA.

Guest Experience

A clean, easy-to-use website and an intuitive booking experience help campers visualize your campground and easily imagine themselves at your park.


The Campspot Integrations Portal connects with dozens of third-party applications for campground operators, all of which enable easier-than-ever management and oversight of your campground.

Data And Reporting

From visualized dashboards and customizable reports to downloadable CSV files, Campspot helps you monitor the most important health metrics for your park.

Request a demo and see why more than 2,300 campgrounds across the U.S. and Canada use Campspot.

  • Smart features guaranteed to increase revenue
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  • Tools that streamline operations
  • An intuitive and easy to learn system
  • Advanced analytics and business insights
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