Campspot’s desire to help campgrounds maximize their earning potential remains a guiding principle for all of the features we create. Campspot Accelerator is an example of this aspiration in action. This feature was born from the dual goals of enhancing campground revenue and delivering increased value for our customers. Keep reading to learn how Campspot Accelerator delivers on these promises and more. 

What is Campspot Accelerator?

Campspot Accelerator takes campground revenue generation to the next level by strategically integrating third-party partner offerings directly into the online booking experience. When a prospective customer is browsing a park’s booking site, powered by Campspot, partner exclusives are displayed in a seamless and attractive way. 

How does Campspot Accelerator create value for my campground and guests?

Aside from enhancing the online customer experience, Accelerator will automatically credit participating parks with 50% of the revenue generated from Accelerator partners each quarter. 

All partner offerings on Campspot are intentionally curated to align well with your brand, Campspot’s mission, and the needs and wants of campers. This is targeted content your customers would normally seek out on their own, but it’s instead conveniently available within your Campspot consumer booking site thanks to Accelerator. 

Your customers will appreciate the valuable and trusted options Accelerator offers them, and you certainly won’t mind the extra quarterly income! 

Which partners currently participate?

Campspot currently works with these trusted partners through its Accelerator program: RVshare and Sensible Weather.

RVshare is a popular RV rental platform that offers direct delivery options for vacationers. When made available through Campspot Accelerator, guests are able to explore and rent RVs from the strategically-placed ads on your booking site.

Next, we take an in-depth look at the weather protection service that’s revolutionizing the outdoor hospitality industry for businesses and consumers. 

What is Sensible Weather’s Weather Guarantee?

Sensible Weather is the leading weather protection provider for the travel and hospitality industries, which “aims to change the way people interact with the weather by making the unpredictable more predictable.” Their first product, the Weather Guarantee, is a rainy day’s worst nightmare and traveler’s best friend. 

Weather Guarantees take the stress out of booking outdoor experiences and activities for all parties by providing a reimbursement if bad weather is present during a guest’s booking. In fact, one third of people surveyed said that “unpredictable weather” is the most stressful part of camping. 

For a small fee, guests can add a Weather Guarantee to their reservations and receive reimbursement from Sensible Weather if it rains—without needing to cancel the entire reservation. Campers also receive consistent, reliable communications from Sensible Weather about the weather leading up to and during their trips. 

You may wonder how many people would opt into such protection or view it as worthwhile. Since 2021, more than 300,000 Weather Guarantees have been purchased. Sensible Weather’s 2023 survey found that 89% of respondents believed the Weather Guarantee was well worth the price they paid. 

More impressively, 91% of respondents would purchase another Weather Guarantee in the future. Plus, Campspot’s initial testing has shown that online conversion rates increased when customers were given the option to purchase a Weather Guarantee at check-out. The additional peace of mind consumers get from the product manifests into a higher conversion rate. 

With this option on the table, campers who choose it gain a more positive association with your campground even in the face of negative weather because your booking experience offers them unparalleled coverage and ultimately some reimbursement. From managing the payments to customer service, there’s also no operational lift for campground operators in the process since Sensible Weather covers all these steps.

You really can’t put a price on peace of mind, and this Campspot customer agreed in their review from April 2024:

“[Sensible Weather] gives peace of mind by knowing if your camping trip is a wash out, you aren’t out of the money spent for any given day. Thank you!” 

Where can I learn more about how Sensible Weather’s Guarantee works for my campground and guests?

Sensible Weather’s Guarantee enhances the guest experience, boosts conversions, and sets you apart from competitors. In fact, when Campspot tested this feature, we learned that the inclusion of the option to purchase a Weather Guarantee improved overall online booking conversion rates. Our hypothesis is that this offering gives customers an additional peace of mind that allows them to go ahead and book with the knowledge that they are covered should the threat of rain impact their camping experience. 

Watch this brief tutorial to see how Sensible Weather’s sign-on process for campers is simple yet highly coveted and available through Campspot Accelerator. 

When weather is one of the top three most important factors in your campers’ travel decision-making process, don’t leave that to chance. Be rest assured that no matter the weather, Sensible Weather is going to work for you.

How do I sign up to participate in Campspot Accelerator?

There is no cost for current Campspot customers to participate in the Accelerator program, but there’s everything to gain for you and your guests! To start earning, simply fill out the sign-up link and agree to terms and conditions here.

Accelerate Your Park With Campspot

Campspot Accelerator is yet another example of how Campspot Software is revolutionizing revenue generation for campgrounds through innovative tactics.

The partnerships available through Accelerator can even persuade an on-the-fence camper to finalize their booking with you, because they have maximum weather assurance—in the case of Sensible Weather—and turnkey, worry-free access to their accommodations, in the case of RVshare.

When choosing to accelerate the growth and revenue-earning potential of your campground, you can’t go wrong with Accelerator, and you can’t go wrong with Campspot. 


Haley Dalian is a lifelong Michigander who takes advantage of recreation throughout the state’s changing seasons—from snow skiing to scuba diving in the Great Lakes. A former Campspot marketing manager, Haley holds a B.A. degree in public policy from Michigan State University and an M.S. degree in sustainability from the University of Michigan. She is passionate about environmental stewardship, exploring the outdoors, and has never met a potato she didn’t like.