Campgrounds offer many full-service business model structures adopted from the hospitality industry. With the capabilities to offer high-end amenities, glamping options, vacation rentals, and more, it only makes sense to have a (POS) point-of-sale system that can help elevate your business even more!

Explore Campspot’s POS system and see why over 5.4 million items were sold this last year alone.

With Campspot’s POS system you can manage your camp store, snack shack, or tackle and bait shop all in one platform. With such a cloud-based system, each location reports real-time statistics with portable capabilities. Easily bill a customer on your phone for that campfire wood or propane on the other side of the park. In the same way, the camp store inventory can be separate from the snack shack while being under one account to gather and export reports. As you receive merchandise from your vendors, you can easily organize and monitor inventory.


Wisconsin Riverside Resort – Spring Green, WI


From everything to the candy bar, souvenir water bottle, t-shirt, or fishing bait, you can showcase it all without being limited with maximum product restrictions! This detailed breakdown of products allows for easy inventory organization and a seamless checkout process. Even your newest store employee will be able to find merchandise and check out quickly. Additionally, since each guest’s information is captured at checkout, you can easily search a name, add it to the sale, and better understand sales trends and preferences.


Admin View of Campspot’s POS System


When it comes to vacation experiences, we have seen the hotel industry provide ways to enjoy and indulge without payment hassles at the moment. Room service bills, spa experiences, snacks in the lobby, all of which can be added to the bill. What you may not realize, when a customer books through Campspot’s reservation platform, credit card information is captured within PCI-compliant guidelines to offer similar service capabilities. Easily allow your guests to purchase a t-shirt, snow cone, or treat and add it to their bill. When the camper at the waterpark wants ice cream, they can stop in without worrying about grabbing their wallet. Without payment hassles at the moment, you are sure to see an increase in revenue.


Jellystone Park™ of Western New York- North Java, NY


As a campground business owner, finding a reservation system that not only services booking needs but also point-of-sale management can give back well deserved time. Not only are you able to easily organize and manage products, but also report and gain important information on customer buying habits.