This post on campground store merchandise was originally published in 2021 and has been refreshed and updated to included the most relevant information possible to our readers. 

A well-stocked campground store is a staple feature at parks that offer shopping convenience for campers and ancillary income for owners: a win-win for you and your guests! Whether it’s firewood or a souvenir t-shirt, having popular products on hand will grow sales and keep your guests coming back for more. Whether you’re looking for new merchandise to add to your existing store or wondering what products you should start selling at a new store, we’re here to help! From camping supplies to keepsakes, the following camping merch and campground supplies are sure to sell and support the success of your campground store. 

Camping Supplies

Wondering where to begin? Our recommendation is to start with the camping staples. These are items that campers use frequently throughout their trips and should be able to easily pick up in your camp store. A couple of big sellers include firewood and ice. Not only are these products they can repurchase when needed, but waiting to purchase these also saves time and space when packing for a trip. Other valuable items include bug spray, sunscreen, s’more sticks, flashlights, batteries, propane, charcoal, RV supplies, and small tools.

Consumable Goods 

Next up is consumable goods. Adding a section for grocery items is another big convenience for your campers. It means one less trip to the grocery store or grabbing that pint of ice cream that guests just can’t resist. Think of basic cooking items, campfire dinner ideas, canned goods, ice cream, snacks, candy, alcoholic beverages, s’more supplies, etc. Mix it up with camping food classics and include items that will catch their eye.

Last-Minute Necessities 

Having last-minute items on hand is always a good idea. Forgetting something is typical when planning for trips and your guests are sure to appreciate finding those forgotten products at your destination. Things to include are toiletry and hygiene products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, soap, first aid kits, hand sanitizers, lotions, and over-the-counter medications. Think of small things that are important but sometimes are left behind.


Camping is all about creating memories, so offering keepsakes is one way to make your guests’ vacations unforgettable and provide a long-term reminder of your brand even once they leave.

This can include your park’s logo on t-shirts, mugs, keychains, water bottles, beanies, glassware, blankets, sweatshirts, the list goes on. Adding your park’s personal touch is a meaningful purchase and a memory they will cherish for years to come.

Stargazing Merchandise 

One unique thing you can offer your guests is the ability to rent and purchase nighttime observation products. This can be a great ancillary revenue stream for your park. Items include: 

  • Binoculars 
  • Tablets for rent with pre-loaded viewing apps such as Sky Safari 
  • Galileoscope telescope kits 
  • Star guides and books 
  • Red light flashlights 

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Campground Store Items Just For Fun

Lastly, add some items just for fun that guests can pick up and enjoy at the park. Whether it’s playing cards for the bonfire circle, inflatables to take to the pool, fishing poles for the pond, or toys for kids, these items are an extra bonus that your campers will appreciate. This company is a popular supplier of camping merchandise.

Managing Your Campground Store With Campspot 

To drive as much revenue as possible, Campspot has several features that help campground operators manager their campground store sales. 

Online Store Add-ons 

With Campspot, campers can purchase items before they even arrive at your campground. This features empowers campgrounds to effortlessly manage inventory items, boost reservations, and enhance the guest experience. Seamlessly configure new or existing inventory items for camper purchases during reservations and edit and manage inventory with ease. 

POS Charge to Site 

This feature allows campers to make purchases even if they don’t physically have their payment method on their person. This convenient alternative is a common practice in leading hospitality businesses and will elevate the guest experience for your campers. Increase on-site spending, encourage additional purchases, and unlock more revenue opportunities by offering this option. 

Card on File Payment Method 

This feature uses a card on file to improve your guests’ shopping experience. This hassle-free option is another way to eliminate the need for guests to always have their payment method on their person. 

Start Items on Storefront 

When your park is at its busiest, anything you can do to speed up transaction times can help keep things running smoothly and your guests happy. With this feature, you can easily star popular items so operators can easily find them and speed up the time it takes to help a guest complete a purchase. 

Remember, this list is only just the beginning. Mix up your campground store merchandise by offering a wide range of supplies from camping staples to grocery items to souvenirs. No matter what you choose, it’s important to keep convenience and fun in mind. Whether you recognize items on this list or found a new item to add to your inventory, we wish your camp store nothing but success!

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This post was originally published in 2021 and has been refreshed and updated to included the most relevant information possible to our readers. 

Haley Dalian is a lifelong Michigander who takes advantage of recreation throughout the state’s changing seasons—from snow skiing to scuba diving in the Great Lakes. A former Campspot marketing manager, Haley holds a B.A. degree in public policy from Michigan State University and an M.S. degree in sustainability from the University of Michigan. She is passionate about environmental stewardship, exploring the outdoors, and has never met a potato she didn’t like.