Revenue diversification is top of mind for many campground owners as they work to grow the success of their businesses. At Campspot, we’ve been cooking up ways to better support the different revenue streams campground owners can explore. To that end, we’re excited to share updates made to our Add-ons feature.

In addition to daily Add-ons, campgrounds can now offer Add-ons with quantity.

What Are Add-ons?

Add-ons are experiences or amenities that campgrounds can offer to create more value for campground visitors. These additional offerings create supplemental revenue. By ensuring your park’s features are highlighted as potential add-ons in the reservation process,  you can unlock new revenue opportunities.

Not sure what to offer?

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Online Store Add-ons on Campspot

Campgrounds already use Campspot’s Add-on feature to unlock revenue. In fact, Campspot campground owners saw a collective $28.2 million in Add-on revenue in 2021! This revenue was driven by the original daily Add-ons feature, leveraged for amenities such as linens or golf cart rentals.

With the addition of our newest feature extension—add-ons with quantity, campgrounds can offer even more options during the booking process. This addition enables parks to sell items from their online store—such as firewood or s’mores kits—during the reservation process.

The Benefits of Offering Add-ons

Add-ons might be driven by necessity or demand, but our favorite benefits come in the form of delighting the guest and streamlining the reservation and check-in process for both the camper and the campground.

Streamline the Guest Experience

Add-ons give campers the chance to plan more of their trip in advance. When they can reserve a golf cart or buy a smores kit ahead of time, it can offer greater peace of mind leading up to the trip, because they know they can rely on these items.

In addition to trip enhancements, it helps them to think about necessities guests might accidentally overlook in the planning process, which can reduce friction later. Do you require linen rentals with cabins? You can ensure linen rentals show up in the reservation process for that site type.

Improve Workflow and Increase Revenue

Add-ons also streamline logistics for the park. In addition to letting you connect required rentals to certain site types, it helps you showcase all your amenities from the start, increasing awareness of everything you have to offer.

Not only can this help increase revenue per reservation, it also keeps your offerings top of mind as campers continue to plan their trip. Do you provide fun passes or sell tickets to special events? You can use the online store Add-ons feature for these items as well.

Finally, add-ons can help you identify high-demand items allowing you to best prepare in advance of a busy weekend.

Add-ons can help alleviate stress for guests, bring awareness to what your campground offers, and maximize revenue. This feature allows for a seamless booking experience and helps campgrounds creatively market their amenities.

How to Get Started

  1.   Go to the Point of Sale section from the Campspot portal
  2.   Select the Inventory tab
  3.   Select the item you would like to sell online
  4.   In the location section, check the box next to online store
  5.   Click save

Once the item is eligible for online sales, you can add them to the site types you want them to be available at:

  1.   Go to the Campground Setup page and select the Unit Setup tab
  2.   Choose the Site Category
  3.   Select the Site Type and click “Edit”
  4.   Under “Online Store Add-ons Allowed”, select the Add-on you activated
  5.     Click “Save Changes”

To learn more, and discover how to fulfill the items when the guest checks in, watch this walkthrough video:


Please reach out to your success manager or our support team with any questions.

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