Finding a Secure Campground Reservation Software

Campground reservation software unlocks enormous potential for growing RV parks and campgrounds. From point-of-sale (POS) systems, add-on amenities, housekeeping schedules, and remote check-in features, an online management system can save time and boost revenue. But not all software is created equally. As you compare campground reservation software solutions and determine what’s best for your campground, one thing to consider is security, practices, and transparency. Investing in a software that securely stores and protects your data will ensure you’re set up for success, and keep your business and your campers’ important information safe.

But what does secure software actually look like? Read on for advice on how to select the very best option for your campground.

Tip #1: Your Software Needs a Backup Option

As a campground owner, you’ve learned to plan for the unexpected. Whether it’s early arrivals, ice shortages, water leaks, or plumbing repairs, you rise to the occasion and adapt. Your reservation software should do the same! When it comes to a campground management solution, cloud-based options are essential. Unlike desktop apps or a pen and paper approach, cloud-based software can be accessed on multiple devices and always has a backup. When a computer crashes unexpectedly, you can be confident that your reservation data is safe and easily accessible on a different device.

Backups are also really helpful for reporting. By finding software that offers automatic reporting options, you can schedule reports to arrive directly in your inbox as a backup. If anything unexpected happens, you can be confident pulling up your backup data in those reports.

Questions to ask when exploring campground reservation software solutions: 

  1. How does your company store my data?
  2. What are your company’s backup options when it comes to securing our data?

Backup Options at Campspot

At Campspot, we store our data in Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Amazon’s flavor of MySQL database (Aurora MySQL). The database is only accessible to our internal systems and authorized users who have access to our production Virtual Private Network (VPN).  Furthermore, those users are regularly audited to ensure that access is still needed and appropriate.

For backup purposes, this database is copied in real-time to another AWS region for assurance and to not overload the website. The database also has a snapshot taken every morning; these are stored for 60 days. Campspot is deeply invested in the security of your data and in the rigor with which we protect and store your data.

Tip #2: Read the Fine Print

We get it. Terms and Conditions can be a little intimidating. But you shouldn’t have to have a law degree to be able to understand if your campground reservation software solution is secure. The right campground reservation software will be user-friendly and up front about your data security.

We recommend reviewing the Terms and Conditions and getting in touch to ask questions if there’s anything that’s unclear.

Here are some helpful terms to keep an eye out for when reviewing company policies and terms and conditions:

  • “secure storage”
  • “industry best practices”
  • phrases similar to “ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data”.

These key phrases show that the company you’re considering takes data and security seriously, and is aware of best practices.

Be cautious of anything that claims to store data on a “blockchain” or “append-only ledger”. These phrases can be a red flag that your data and your guest’s data may not be as secure.

Questions to ask when exploring campground reservation software solutions: 

  1. How is data managed at your company?
  2. What are examples or ways you might use our data at your company?

Data Terms & Conditions at Campspot

At Campspot, we believe that important data is yours, and yours alone, and you have the right and responsibility to know how it is stored and used. We clearly state in our service agreement that “You retain all ownership rights in and to the Customer Data provided by you or on your behalf that is associated with your Account.” 

We’re often asked if we share our data and with whom. We welcome these conversations and want to be clear that Campspot does not share data. In fact, information is never shared outside of an internal need-to-know basis, not even with industry partners and investors. Not only would sharing data with partners be unethical but also illegal and that’s a stance that Campspot takes very seriously.

One of the common misperceptions about Campspot is that we market to a campground’s customers via the Marketplace or other advertising channels. Though we advertise and promote the Marketplace as a whole in order to connect more campers to your campground, we do not, nor would we legally be able to, market to your customers directly. Your customer data is secure within your system.

If your customer creates a account or explicitly opts into marketing communications from the Campspot Marketplace, they may receive Marketplace advertisements encouraging them to book more camping trips. Rest assured, under no circumstance would Campspot advertise to customers that only booked with your campground directly.

Tip #3: Look for Certifications

When it comes to software security, actions speak louder than words. There are a few certifications you can look for that require external audits and third-party endorsements including PCI, SOX, and SOC to name a few of the more popular ones. These certifications take rigor and require external audits to acquire. Knowing that your reservation software company is willing to go above and beyond with these certifications can help assure that they will be intentional about your data.

Questions to ask when exploring campground reservation software solutions: 

  1. What certifications do you have?
  2. Are there any additional certifications you plan to pursue?
  3. Is there anyone at your company dedicated to security and compliance?

Campspot Certifications

Campspot has SOC and SOX and is pursuing PCI-DSS Merchant Level 1 certification as we grow. These compliance certifications are lengthy processes that require significant ongoing investments, both in terms of time and resources, and entail annual upkeep. We take the responsibility of data stewardship very seriously and remain committed to investing in these security measures.

As you look for a reservation system that is right for you, be empowered with an understanding of what questions to ask about your software’s security. By asking the right questions before you join and onboard, you can avoid major headaches and problems in the future.

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