Campspot, a provider of management and reservation software, launched its new housekeeping feature this week, according to a press release.

“The release of the housekeeping module has been a highly anticipated event and has provided us the tools to ensure comprehensive and efficient completion of our janitorial tasks for all our rental units,” said Ray Aljets, owner of the Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort of Sioux Falls. “Missed units and half-completed tasks are a thing of the past with the active task tracking functions.”

Using four main navigation functions, this feature allows Campspot users to view a status and priority dashboard of all units, setup housekeeper access by site type, create custom task lists, and more, noted the release.

“Clean can have a very different meaning when considering a cabin versus a rental RV, for example,” said Josh Traxler, chief operating officer at Campspot. “By allowing for the creation of custom checklists for each site type, our feature provides the job specificity housekeeping staff need and the real-time quality control data managers expect.”

Because housekeeping is built within Campspot’s administrative system, one user can instantly update the status of a particular site using an Internet-connected device just as another user in a different location is looking for a status update.

“This feature eliminates the need for staff to radio back and forth,” said Casey Cochran, director of business development at Campspot. “Now, the information that reservationists need to immediately inform guests about site cleanliness and availability is at their fingertips.”

This feature is especially helpful for larger transient parks that handle a high volume of lodging reservations and turnover, explained the release. However, this feature also has extensive benefits for properties of all sizes, especially in the post-COVID age where campgrounds must implement new cleaning standards and job functions.

“The ability to prioritize units that require a quick turnaround allows us to serve our guests even better,” said Aljets. “In the age of COVID, it is reassuring to know that Campspot has provided us the tools needed to provide our customers with the clean and safe experience they expect.”

To see this feature in action, contact Campspot’s team at or call (616) 226-5500 for a free demonstration.