When deciding on a reservation software, “management” terms are used interchangeably. However, not all Campground reservations systems are the same. It is crucial to unpack all features and understand if you require a platform to just take online reservations or capture more aspects needed for campground management.

What industry was the software intended for? 

Often, suppliers service with industries in mind — such as hotel hospitality or the campground industry. Reservation systems and management tools will look a lot different for those seeking hotel operations versus campground management. The native industry that software was created for impacts every facet of operations today. Tools such as OTA integration, housekeeping, reporting, reservations, and automation may overlap, but the ins and outs of operations will look vastly different.

Instead of simply comparing features, take the time to dive into the details and know if your process and workflows will be compatible with the software you are considering. This diligence will eliminate later frustration when you try to accommodate long-term guests, group reservations, or other campground-specific scenarios.

What features do you need?

Reservation software can offer simply online reservations or encompass a variety of campground management tools. Features can include dynamic pricing, meter reading, gift card capabilities, lock site features, text messaging, grid optimization, add-ons, remote check-In, e-signatures, point-of-sale system, accounting tools, and housekeeping as well as online reservations.

Overall, look for features that fit your work style. If you spend a lot of time away from the front desk, make sure your management system is cloud-based and able to be viewed on mobile. If you have several e-commerce locations on-site make sure your POS system can facilitate several locations.

Additionally, when choosing a campground management platform, make sure the solution can grow with you. Your current needs may only include online reservations but can your software handle growth and expansion in the future? Would your business benefit from other features? Campspot is a campground management platform that allows you to turn off features and explore them slowly as you grow. Find a solution that fits your current needs but also allows you to grow in the future.

Revenue Driving Versus Supplying

The difference between simply a reservation software and a campground management system is the approach to growth. Reservation systems can simply be an expense if it is not offering other areas of financial growth. With a campground management system, you can strategize growth opportunities and capture more revenue through an array of smart features.


orange golf cart rental on webpage

Campspot’s add-on amenities customer view


One RV park customer in Wyoming used Campspot’s dynamic pricing feature to vary rates based on occupancy levels and made an extra $6,000 in one month from this feature alone.

Another campground customer in New York saw an 86.5% increase in their golf cart rentals the first year they switched to Campspot.

Instead of viewing online reservations as a business expense, it can be a revenue-driving tool with the right campground management platform. Explore all features and see how they can save your time and increase your revenue.

If you have any questions or have interested in viewing a live demo about Campspot’s Management Software please contact us here.