After several years of radical growth, the camping industry experienced a time of stabilization in 2023. The heart of the industry remained steady even among social and economic fluctuations, and camper and campground data shows continued opportunity. In an ever-evolving industry, one thing is certain: campers are anxious to experience more of the outdoors in 2024, and campgrounds are ready to foster a better experience than ever before. 

Through it all, Campspot is here to help keep things humming so you can focus on what matters most: your campers. And if the data has anything to say about it, we’re all on a roll. Here’s a look at what we  accomplished together in 2023. 

As we reflect on 2023 camping industry statistics, the outlook for campground owners in 2024 is one of tremendous opportunity. Specifically, we dubbed 2024 the “year of the calm-cation” after finding nearly 70% of campers specifically crave a sense of calm and relaxation on their trips in 2024. 

As campers seek solace in the outdoors, the heartbeat of our industry remains strong—especially if campgrounds continue to anticipate and adapt to camper needs and expectations. We at Campspot are here to support you in this journey to provide campers with the types of experiences they’re looking for. As we charge forward together, be on the lookout for helpful tools, reports, and resources that help you stay focused on your number one—your campers. Here’s to 2024! 

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