This post was originally published on August 31, 2021. It has been updated to include recent data and insights. 

Campgrounds have evolved in recent decades from simple sites and a fire pit to offer other campground amenities galore like waterparks, glamping yurts, portable jacuzzis, and more. Incorporating add-on amenities that compliment your park will not only attract more campers but also increase your revenue.

Campspot campground owners earned over $33 million in add-on revenue in 2022, a 26% year-over-year increase.

So far, from January 1 to March 14, 2023, campground owners on Campspot have already made nearly $7 million from add-on revenue alone.

After camp store revenue, the top revenue stream for campground owners in 2022 was add-ons such as firewood and daily rentals. As far as what types of amenities and add-ons campgrounds are looking to add in 2023, dog parks topped the list (26%).

After that, campground owners wanted to add internet access (23%), bathrooms (19%), special events (15%), general stores (13%), and playgrounds (13%).

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Luckily, there are more opportunities than ever to offer new and creative amenities and items that delight your guests. View our top list of park add-on amenities that have not only grown in popularity but have generated substantial park revenue.

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Top Add-On Campground Amenities

1. Golf Carts

With expansive parks and numerous attractions, golf cart rentals are a great option. Many campgrounds already feature golf cart rentals but with the ability to include them as an add-on option within Campspot’s reservation platform, many have seen an increase in

2. Bike Rentals

Similar to golf cart rentals, bikes have great revenue potential. Eliminating the hassle of transportation, bikes allow campers to arrive with minimal camping supplies while still having the ability to travel to neighboring attractions or adjacent bike trails. Some bike options are more recreational than others and include multi-person bikes or pedal carts. Understanding the amenities and location of your park will help understand add-on revenue potential and what bike style is the best investment for your park.

3. Linens

For cabins and rentable units, linens are a must. Including these as an add-on option acknowledges the value of the product as well as eliminates the hassle later. A family arriving may need an extra set of linens and adding this product when booking the site, eliminates possible confusion later.


4. Boat Rentals

Rental boats showcase your natural resources and eliminate the hassle of transporting boats for guests. Water frontage is a selling point for booking campground stays. Find ways to showcase the natural amenity through add-on options.

5. Hammocks

Hammocks are a trendy item that has grown in popularity over the recent years. The ability to have compact travel and storage has been increasingly convenient when camping. For parks that offer tree coverage, this add-on option is a great consideration. A camper may not be committed to personally purchasing a hammock but may find it a convenient amenity to have available.


6. Mini Golf

Catch guests before their vacation time is filled with other activities and highlight your mini-golf course. By allowing them to book their experiences with their stay, you can showcase your amenities and make sure they have a complete picture of everything they can do within the park.

7. Jacuzzis and Hot Tubs

With waterparks and larger campgrounds, finding site-based attractions has been an add-on revenue generator. Personal hot tubs delivered to sites have been a fun option that many guests would not be aware of without add-on attention. Jacuzzis have a great way to keep campers inside the park and entertained.


8. Firewood and Fire Pits

As the camping industry has grown in recent years, it is apparent that many guests want to camp with ease and convenience. Providing firewood or access to a fire pit is just a simple way to add to the ease of the stay. Not only does offering firewood as an add-on allow you to understand your supply and demand before campers arrive, but it offers convenience for your guests.

9. Cabanas

Do you have an expansive waterpark with cabana options? Highlight this feature when reserving sites! Most guests may be unaware that you offer private cabanas unless notified before the stay.


10. Fun Pass

Do you offer many family fun amenities? Including a fun pass as an add-on may be just right for you. Combine several attractions into one pass and showcase what activities you offer. Include gem mining, crafts, jumping pillows, laser tag, and more! Even bundle a souvenir cup for more of an incentive.

11. RV Rentals

When it comes to campground amenities, RV rentals are another type you might consider making available at your park. It’s a great way to introduce curious campers to this type of camping. Set up and maintain a rig to allow campers an affordable but more upscale experience that allows them to be more hands off while still enjoying all of the incredible perks of the RV lifestyle.

Add-on campground amenities not only offer a differential advantage from other parks but create substantial revenue. You may already be offering many of these amenities, but highlighting them as add-on options will create further popularity and sales. With nearly 40% of campers saying they spend the entire time or most of the time at their campsite, there is more opportunity than ever to showcase all your park has to offer!

This post was originally published on August 31, 2021. It has been updated to include recent data and insights.