Campspot Analytics is an analytics and reporting tool for your campground. With Campspot Analytics, Campgrounds can access valuable data in visualized dashboards dedicated to tracking performance and quickly answer core business questions without needing to download a CSV. From checking arrivals and departures to monitoring occupancy trends at the park to doing deep dives on which features drive the most revenue, Campspot Analytics puts your park data at your fingertips.

All campgrounds on Campspot have access to our core suite of dashboards, including Signals—our suite of benchmarking dashboards. Below is a summary of some of the most popular ones among Campspot Analytics users.

1. Signals – Monthly Performance

The Monthly Performance report breaks down occupancy, average daily rate (ADR) and revenue per available site (RevPAS) month-by-month. Year-over-year percent change compares the last 365 days to the same 365 days from the previous year. The campsite category filter will filter all performance metrics to only include data for the selected campsite categories.

2. Signals – Day of the Week Performance

The Day of Week Performance report breaks down occupancy, average daily rate (ADR), and revenue per available site (RevPAS) by day of the week. This report can be filtered by a range of trailing stay dates and campsite categories.

3. Daily Manager Report

Campground owners and operators can get a critical overview of their campground’s recent, current, and upcoming activity with the Daily Manager Report dashboard. They can review yesterday’s transactions, check arrivals and departures for the current and next day, and monitor occupancy and cancellations for the next 14 days. There is also a section that shows remaining campsite availability for the day, by site type.

4. YoY Metric Comparison

This dashboard provides a high-level view of the park’s business health and performance year-over-year. Key metrics covered on this dashboard are occupancy, net site nights by month, net revenue by month, ADR, and RevPAS. All data on this dashboard uses end-of-the-month reporting to show performance against the previous year.

5. Park Overview

Owners and operators check the Park Overview dashboard for insights on net reservations booked by source and by category, reservation value by booking window, net reservations by campsite type, and net charges at the park. The top of the Park Overview dashboard also provides a snapshot of the day’s average booking window, average length of stay, and the status of several revenue-generating features at the park.

6. Campspot Value

The Campspot Value dashboard helps campground managers track which of Campspot’s revenue-generating features are working well for their park. This dashboard shows the status of each feature and displays the amount of revenue generated per feature over the last year. Parks can see revenue from Add-ons, Dynamic Pricing, Grid Optimization, Marketplace, and Lock Site.

7. Operations Summary

This dashboard helps campgrounds better understand what is happening at their park on a daily basis. It gives staff the ability to easily see how many arrivals and departures are expected for the day, as well as the number of Daily Add-ons. They can also see all charges and payments across all reservations for the day.

Campspot Analytics allows campgrounds to quickly answer core business questions and make data-informed decisions on the fly. The visual and customizable dashboards make it easy to watch park and portfolio trends, identify areas of growth opportunity, benchmark rates against comp sets, and more.

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