Tracking performance and measuring the growth of your business shouldn’t be rocket science, which is why we are excited to introduce Campspot Analytics, our new reporting tool that does the time-consuming math for you.

With Campspot Analytics, Campgrounds can access valuable data in visualized dashboards dedicated to tracking performance, and quickly answer core business questions without needing to download a CSV. Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time making data-driven decisions!

How Campspot Analytics Works

As part of the early access program, campgrounds will receive an email to set up their Campspot Analytics account. Every park gets a FREE seat with the option to buy additional seats. The same applies for groups with multiple parks—there will be one free seat allotted for each park.

Users will have access to a collection of standard dashboards which include:

  • Park Overview – An overview of recent booking trends and active feature statuses 
  • YoY Metric Comparison – An easy view of your park’s Occupancy, Site nights, Revenue, ADR, and RevPAR over the previous year 
  • Operations Summary – An overview of today’s activities at your park including arrivals, departures, and add-ons
  • Campspot Value – A summary of Campspot’s revenue-driving features and the impact they have on your park
  • Occupancy Pace Report – An overview of your park’s occupancy on future dates to help with revenue optimization
  • Portfolio Overview (for businesses with more than one park) – An overview at the organization level of what is happening across your portfolio

New dashboards will be added on a regular basis.

Features and Benefits 

To access the dashboards, all you need to do is log into Campspot Analytics by clicking on the “Campspot Analytics” button on the Reports page within the app. Through these dashboards, parks can track daily activity, compare year-over-year activity on key metrics, watch reservation growth, measure revenue generated by Campspot features, and more. There is even an aggregate report called Portfolio Overview for larger multi-park organizations that want a collective view of the business.

You can also schedule reports to be sent to your inbox on a regular basis or have them sent directly to investors or analysts.

Pulling and analyzing data is often a manual process that takes math, pivot tables, and mental gymnastics to complete. We want to empower Campspot users with the metrics that matter so you can make meaningful and impactful decisions for your business.

Campspot Analytics gives you access to the most important information in a visual and interactive way, which allows you to keep an eye on business trends and core metrics on a regular basis.

And if you ever find yourself missing Monday morning math or wanting to dig deeper into raw data from the spreadsheets, you can still access raw data for download via our comprehensive catalog of CSV reports.

What to Expect Next

Campspot customers will receive an email invitation for their free seat. If you don’t receive the invite, or if you want to add additional seats, reach out to our customer success team at

If you are interested in learning more about Campspot and whether it’s right for your campground business, contact our sales team