Campgrounds on Campspot can eliminate guesswork, improve pricing strategy, and maximize revenue with two new tools in Campspot Analytics. Introducing the Advertised Rate Comparison dashboard and the Price Grid report. These powerful new additions provide instant insights into your campground’s advertised rates as well as how those rates stack up against the market. 

Price adjustment is one of the biggest factors influencing a campground’s success. Now, the information parks need to make data-driven pricing decisions is right at your fingertips. Available exclusively in Campspot Analytics, these additions are part of the Signals suite of dashboards, which gives campgrounds on Campspot access to competitive benchmarking reports, providing insights from anonymized data that can help you see how your park compares to the competition. 

Advertised Rate Comparison and Price Grid mark a new and unique offering in Signals with their look into future data and the reporting of advertised rates. 

Advertised Rate Comparison Dashboard 

The Advertised Rate Comparison dashboard lets you see your advertised rates alongside competitor rates, giving you an edge when it comes to setting your prices. The prices shown on this dashboard account for dynamic pricing, which allows campgrounds to see the fluctuation in their prices over the specified period of time. With this invaluable comparative pricing information you don’t have to wonder if your rates are working well for you. Instead, you’ll have the confidence to adjust pricing for optimal booking results while saving yourself the usual time and effort required to do so. 

Price Grid Report 

The Price Grid report provides a clear view of your upcoming prices, and indicates the days that dynamic pricing has been applied.This can help you better understand how dynamic pricing impacts your daily rates. High prices compared to competitors might be the culprit behind a slower time in bookings, for example. 

First, use the Advertised Rate Comparison dashboard to find differences, then turn to the Price Grid report to see where dynamic pricing may be driving your prices higher than your competitors’. 

In other words, with this report, you can drill down and pinpoint the exact days where dynamic pricing is affecting your rates. Through these insights, you can confidently adjust your rates or refine your dynamic pricing rules to find the perfect balance between competitiveness and profitability. 

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Campspot Analytics is a reporting tool for campgrounds that puts your park data into visualized dashboards so owners and operators can easily monitor their most important business metrics. With 20 unique dashboards, Campspot Analytics has in-depth insights to help inform almost every aspect of running a campground business. All campgrounds on Campspot have access to one free seat in Campspot Analytics, with the option to add additional seats for a small fee.

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