We are excited to announce the launch of our newest feature, Signals, a suite of innovative reporting dashboards within Campspot Analytics. Signals gives campgrounds access to comp sets and competitive benchmarking, providing valuable insights that can help you make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Why Did We Build Signals?

This first-of-its-kind tool helps fill a gap in the outdoor hospitality industry when it comes to competitive benchmarking. With the increasing popularity of unique camping experiences, and the expansion of multi-park portfolios, the competition within the industry is growing. In order to thrive in this dynamic landscape, operators need access to tools that can help them make informed and confident decisions when it comes to rates and occupancy targets.

We want to provide Campspot campgrounds a competitive edge that helps them grow their business and make informed decisions. By leveraging competitive benchmarking, campgrounds can gain valuable insights into their performance relative to parks with similar profiles.

How Does it Work?

By aggregating anonymized metrics from thousands of parks across North America, Campspot Analytics provides campground operators a way to compare their performance against a recommended comp set.

The metrics available include Average Daily Rate (ADR), Occupancy Rate (OR), and Revenue per Available Site (RevPAS), as well as other data points like percentage of seasonal and transient stays, weekend versus weekday performance, and ancillary revenues per site.

Users will not have visibility into who is in their competitive set, and the data will be historical.

How is Signals Different From Other Benchmarking Tools?

Unlike other competitive benchmarking tools in the market, Signals is the only product with access to anonymized data for the outdoor hospitality industry at such a large scale.

Prepare to elevate your campground’s performance with Signals, the game-changing reporting dashboard from Campspot Analytics. Stay ahead of the competition, make confident pricing decisions, and unlock your campground’s full potential. Experience the power of Signals for yourself and gain the competitive edge today!

If you are interested in learning more about Campspot Analytics (and Signals), and how it can help your campground business, contact our sales team.