Users of Campspot Analytics now have the option to add an Explorer license which unlocks the ability to create custom reports and dashboards within the tool.

Campspot Analytics already contains core dashboards that visualize commonly requested data points among campground operators. These dashboards include a Park Overview, an Operations Summary, an Occupancy Pace Report, and more. Every park gets one free seat for Campspot Analytics with the option to purchase more.

While many metrics like Occupancy and Average Daily Rate are universal, the way they are represented and the level of granularity can vary from customer to customer.

Enter Explorer. Now you can build your own dashboards to reflect that level of specificity required of your individual park. This option is ideal for business owners, operators, and analysts who want more flexibility when it comes to data insights, visualizations, exporting reports, and multi-park reporting.

Explorer licenses also come with access to the Explorer Kit—a collection of pre-made insights for users who are newer to business insights tools. The cost of the license is $30 per month, per active user.

How Do I Get Access to Campspot Analytics?

When Campspot Analytics launched in 2022, all campgrounds should have received an email inviting them to set up their account and get access to their free seat. If you did not already sign up and would like to, you can do so via this sign-up form.

How Do I Get an Explorer License?

You can sign up for Campspot Analytics Explorer via the same signup form as above. Once you are in the form you can select whether you’re adding a Viewer, an Explorer or both!

Additional Resources for Using Campspot Analytics

If you are interested in learning more about Campspot and whether it’s right for your campground business, contact our sales team.