Campspot’s new revenue-driving feature is live for U.S.-based Campgrounds. With Campspot Accelerator, third-party ancillary products (like insurance) and offers from premier partners across the outdoor industry will appear on the campgrounds’ Consumer Booking sites. Campgrounds can sign up and get paid, as a portion of the revenue generated from these placements will be automatically returned to the campground. Or there is always the option to opt out if they don’t want to participate.

What it Means for Your Campground

Campspot Accelerator placements on Campspot are intentionally selective and thoughtfully designed to create the most value for the consumer while maximizing the potential for the campground. We are launching with two high-value partners: RVshare, an RV rental website, and Sensible Weather—whose Weather Guarantee, an insurance-like product, reimburses campers’ reservation costs when rain impacts their experience. According to a recent survey, weather is the most stressful part of planning a camping trip. Campspot Accelerator will now put this offer, available for purchase, directly on your booking site to help increase camper confidence and enhance the overall experience.

About RVshare

For campers who may be looking to rent an RV for their upcoming trip, this RV rental website connects RV owners and renters. With Accelerator, display ads will appear in relevant sections of campground consumer booking sites that link to the RVshare site.

About Sensible Weather

This climate tech and insurance company can help campers alleviate the number one worry they have when it comes to booking a campaign trip—poor weather! With Accelerator, campers can add, for a small fee, a Weather Guarantee which will reimburse them if it rains during their trip.

Learn More About Campspot Accelerator

Visit our support site to find answers to common questions, including how to sign up to get paid or how to opt out of the program if you do not wish to have these placements appear on your Consumer Booking site. You can also see examples of what these placements will look like.

With Campspot Accelerator, campers get access to offers from relevant outdoor brands that help increase confidence when planning and booking, and add value to the trip itself. Here’s to making your happy campers even happier!

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