Campspot’s second annual Biggest Booking Week sale was even bigger than its predecessor, and participating campgrounds felt that growth! Capitalizing on the large influx of reservation activity historically observed each March, our spring sale on Campspot Marketplace bolstered bookings and helped our campground customers access new campers across North America. 

To participate in the sale, campground operators needed to opt in and offer a discount that could be applied via the code BIG24 during checkout between March 4 and March 10, 2024. Below, we explore the results and share key takeaways to be considered with respect to your campground’s overall promotions strategy. 

Biggest Booking Week 2024 Insights 

graphic saying "333 campgrounds participated" and "67K+ campground bookings across Campspot campgrounds"

Across Campspot Marketplace, 25% of bookings for participating parks were made with the BIG24 promo code. Our 333 participating campgrounds observed a 17% increase in total reservations across all sources, vs. a 13% increase observed by non-participating parks. On Campspot Marketplace specifically, participating campgrounds grew by 51% compared to the previous four-week average, whereas non-participating campgrounds only grew by 13%. 

Insight 1: Participation drives bookings—and not just on Campspot Marketplace  

Campgrounds that participated in the Biggest Booking Week sale were more likely to get a booking on Campspot Marketplace and in general (with or without promo code application). 

graphic saying "Campspot's Biggest Booking week reached 142 million readers through its press coverage"

Campspot’s Biggest Booking Week reached 142 million readers through its press coverage in parenting and travel magazines, including an MSN placement. This exposure drove positive results for participating campgrounds not just on Campspot Marketplace, but through direct bookings as well. 

The percentage of participating campgrounds who saw at least one Campspot Marketplace booking during the week of the sale grew by 9% week over week, and 74% of participating parks saw a week-over-week increase in Campspot Marketplace bookings. This additional volume and exposure helped participating parks achieve a 17% increase in total reservations across all Campspot sources during the week of the sale compared to the prior four-week average, outpacing non-participating parks who only saw a 13% increase. 

graphic saying "74% of participating parks saw a week-over-week increase in bookings on Campspot Marketplace"

By participating in regular Campspot Marketplace sales, your campground has the chance to be included in promotional activities across Campspot’s channels, which can drive meaningful results for your business.  

Insight 2: Sales connect parks with new customers

Marketplace promotions continue to connect parks with brand new customers. 

graphic saying "75% of Campspot Marketplace bookings at participating parks were from a first-time guest"

Campspot Marketplace continues to be a great way to get your park in front of new campers across North America. For the Biggest Booking Week sale, 75% of Campspot Marketplace bookings at participating parks were made by first-time guests to the park, in line with recent trends for the Marketplace in general. 

Sales like this have the power to attract new guests looking to take a chance on a fresh experience. By participating in Campspot Marketplace promotions, you can regularly boost your exposure and visibility to grow a community of campers to nurture into repeat customers. 

Insight 3: Campers are booking early for summer and early fall

The average booking window for participating campgrounds was 82 days across all booking sources. Of all reservations made the week of the sale, 54% of the bookings were for reservations in May, June, July, August, or September. 

Sales are a great way to build your base of occupancy for the upcoming season. When considering your marketing materials, ensure you have imagery and amenities that reflect what the camper can look forward to if their trip is not a last-minute reservation. 

Insight 4: Campers spend more when there’s a sale

For bookings made on Campspot Marketplace, the average booking value was 57% higher for participating parks at $331, compared to non-participating parks at $211. 

We also found that for RV bookings and tent bookings across the platform specifically, the average booking value for reservations made with the BIG24 promo code was higher than non-BIG24 bookings (7.5% higher and 15% higher respectively). 

Sales allow campers to get the biggest bang for their buck and thus encourage booking behaviors like longer stays and more add-ons, resulting in higher reservation totals. When you’re advertising your sale details, encourage campers to take advantage of savings by extending or adding things they may not have otherwise “splurged on.”   

A huge thank you to all the campgrounds who participated in this year’s sale. Look out for more sales organized by Campspot to supplement your promotional efforts, enhance your park’s national exposure, and fill gaps in occupancy. To read more about Campspot’s Biggest Booking Week, read these pieces next: 

Save the Date for Our Summer Sale

Speaking of more sales, we’re already planning our next one which will kick off in June for summer savings! If you’re a Campspot customer, be on the lookout for communications asking for your participation. If you need help getting set up, please reach out to and we’ll share tips and considerations. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.