Every year, OHI, formerly ARVC, celebrates parks of all sizes for “elevating standards through innovative, forward-thinking practices.” In November, five parks, from “Small” (100 sites or less) up to “Mega” (500+ sites), were presented Awards of Excellence. Something they all had in common? They all use Campspot as their campground management and reservation software.

The Winners

Campspot is thrilled to celebrate these winning campgrounds, and to honor the hard work that goes into creating a spectacular experience for guests:

  • Broad River Campground – Park of the Year, Small Park
  • Jellystone Park Kozy Rest – Park of the Year, Medium Park
  • Jellystone Park Golden Valley (two-way tie) – Park of the Year, Large Park
  • Jellystone Park at Larkspur (two-way tie) – Park of the Year, Large Park
  • Sun Outdoors Frontier Town – Park of the Year, Mega Park

Beyond the OHI Awards of Excellence, additional Campspot campgrounds are regularly featured and celebrated for excellence in the news. Pine Lakes Jellystone, for example, recently won Camp Jellystone’s Park of the Year.

Common Characteristics of Award-Winning Parks

Campspot equips parks with the tools and features that can help them stay ahead of the curve. Features like Campspot Analytics, an advanced data and reporting tool for campgrounds, help parks stay on top of trends and make informed business decisions. The platform, and the features that are continually added to it, are designed to help parks grow. Of course software alone does not equal success. It’s the users of the software that make the difference, and we noticed that award-winning parks tend to have a few things in common.

Here are five of the most common traits among award-winning parks, and how Campspot sets their customers up for success.

A Strong Brand

Campspot is the engine that supports your brand, working behind the scenes so that your park can shine. Software should enable parks to put their best foot forward through brand-first design that includes space for high-quality imagery, descriptive messaging, and easy communication channels.

Optimal User Experience

The right software helps to reduce friction in the guest booking process and streamline operations for staff. Campspot is known for its seamless booking experience for guests and an easy and intuitive interface for park staff.

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A Focus on Guest Experience

A big part of the guest experience comes down to the right amount and type of communication from the park. From Campspot’s native email and text communication tools to the integrations with Mailchimp and SimpleTexting, Campspot offers features that streamline and optimize guest communication.

Intentional Education Around Software Use

As intuitive as it is to use Campspot software, the parks that benefit most are the ones that are intentional about feature adoption and use. For example, we’ve found that parks who use Campspot Analytics had 5% higher occupancy than those that did not access the tool over a period of six months. Campspot offers a self-guided training program to help casual users become proficient in all aspects of the tool.

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Adoption of the Right Revenue Driving Features

Finally, Campspot has a full suite of revenue-driving features for parks to choose from but we don’t necessarily suggest campgrounds use every single one. When parks choose features that best align with their values and goals, that is when they can best optimize their revenue potential. For example, some parks might choose to waive a cancellation fee but choose to charge for extra guests on a reservation. It’s not about turning on every revenue-driving option; it’s about turning on the right ones for your park.

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Campspot is committed to helping parks grow. If you’re interested in learning more about how Campspot software can help drive your business forward, contact a representative today.