Two-way text messaging is a feature that’s been at the top of our company’s and customers’ wish list, and it’s finally here. SimpleTexting takes advantage of the Campspot integration with Mailchimp to allow for open communication between campgrounds and their campers via text.

Why is this important? “Ninety percent of people open a text within three minutes, according to PCMag, and texts have a response rate of 45 percent compared to email’s 6 percent.” This makes it one of the fastest and more efficient forms of two-way communication.

Two-way text also gives you the chance to have closer communication with your guests, allowing you to get to know and understand them and their preferences more deeply, while giving them a more convenient way to get in touch with you. As campers are, by nature, highly mobile, they rely on their phones to stay in touch.

What are Some of the Reasons a Campground Would Need Two-Way Texting?

Whether you have a last-minute update for a guest or you want to seize a new opportunity to generate extra revenue, quick and easy two-way communication comes in handy for campground managers. You might need to…

  • Communicate an issue with a site 
  • Send a gate code (and give the camper a chance to write back if there’s a problem)
  • Offer a special promotion
  • Allow your guests to communicate with you without tying up the phone lines
  • Send messages to a set of your guests based on criteria you select
  • Send an individual guest a message for a one-on-one conversation

How the SimpleTexting Integration Works

SimpleTexting leverages Campspot’s integration with Mailchimp to make two-way texting available to parks. Campgrounds will need to set up Campspot + Mailchimp before setting up the integration with SimpleTexting.

SimpleTexting Announcement on Biteable.

How Do Guests Opt in or out of Two-Way Text?

Guests can opt in to receive text messages during booking check out. They can also opt in on the Reservation Summary page for all booked reservations. There is a link to the summary page from the reservation confirmation email.

To learn more about the Mailchimp or SimpleTexting integrations, visit our Knowledge Base.