One of the reasons more campgrounds choose Campspot over other software providers is that we deliver the most revenue to campgrounds. From features like Reservation Add-ons and Lock Site that directly drive revenue, to features like Campspot Analytics that help you see where there are opportunities to unlock even more revenue, Campspot is built to serve your business and help you optimize campground revenue.

In this webinar, Campspot COO Josh Traxler dives deep into the places you might be leaving money on the table. In this session he talks about how to optimize existing revenue, what to consider when you start to build ancillary revenue, and how to reach more campers. He also breaks down the importance of having a strong property management system and why the user interface is so important, as well as having a system that is smart enough to mimic an actual reservationist but at faster speeds.

Josh first presented this information at the ARVC Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo, then he hosted this webinar on Campspot, and now we are opening it up so that you can digest the information at your convenience and learn how to best optimize campground revenue at your own pace.

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Optimize Campground Revenue—Don’t Leave Money on the Table [Webinar]

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