As campgrounds gear up for the busy summer camping season ahead, it’s helpful to anticipate when you’ll be at your busiest. To help you prepare, we reviewed the top camping weekends (non-holiday) from 2022 and looked ahead to 2023. These top weekends have potential to drive revenue for your campground as some of the favorite non-holiday times for campers to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. But what about days that fall outside of holiday and these “top weekends?” What can your campground to do to drive reservations and revenue on less popular camping dates?

Gather round and explore the answers below!

Top Camping Weekend Predictions for 2023


6 Ways to Drive Revenue for Non-Holiday Weekends and Weekdays

1. Advertise Outdoor Activities in Your Area

In the first issue of the Campspot Outdoor Almanac,  81% of campers reported that the campground itself is an important part of their trip. Of course, that’s why you work so hard to ensure your campground is the best experience possible for your guests. However, we also saw that “family vacation time” and “proximity to state and national parks” were listed as the number two and three reasons for why campers go camping. Is your campground located near something that would enhance your campers’ stays? A winery? An amusement park? Cute shops and restaurants? Public lands? You never know what might entice a particular camper, so be sure to make it clear what you’re near in all of your marketing materials—including any listings you have on online marketplaces.

2. Pepper Your Calendar With Non-Holiday Events

Creative events are a great way to attract more guests during less typically busy times. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about the different types of gatherings you might host:

  • Pancake breakfasts
  • Concerts with local musicians
  • Craft activities for kiddos
  • Week-long summer camp curriculums
  • Classes with local artisans like painters or potters
  • Social meet ups for various groups like owners of a particular dog breed
  • Indoor or outdoor film screenings

3. Update Your Photography

Did you know that campgrounds on Campspot Marketplace that have complete marketplace listings make 20% more revenue on average? Whether its your listings on online marketplaces or the way you feature your campground on your website or social media accounts, high-quality photos can greatly impact a potential camper’s confidence in booking a stay. Investing in professional photography is a great way to set camper expectations and showcase what makes your corner for of the world so special.

4. Play Up Your Amenities

When campers have many choices of where to stay, available amenities help them make a purchase decision. Do your website pages and marketplace listing pages clearly articulate everything that’s available to your guests? Are you planning on adding any amenities soon for the upcoming season? Share that information far and wide to ensure your campers are in the know and excited to be there to enjoy them. Not sure what amenities to invest in? Consider surveying your past campers and community members to see what’s most important to them.

5. Take Advantage of Astrotourism

Campgrounds are often in spots that are incredible for stargazing. What better way to make a random Tuesday a REALLY EXCITING camping moment than to invite guests to come stay to observe a meteor shower? There are loads of way to leverage celestial events to gather a crowd at your park. Host a super-moon hike (there are a handful ever year!). Invite a local astronomy club or professor to come guide your camper’s observation of the night sky. Review the calendar for the upcoming months and choose a few moments to celebrate and then create special events to encourage guests to come stay.

6. Run a Promo

We can’t forget discounts! When times are especially hard for the larger economy, that can impact camper travel habits. Discounts or promotions have the power to help trips feel more realistic to a camper, especially when they’re booking a trip for a large group. Select a few promotions to run over the season and get creative about what they encourage campers to book. Want campers to book more weekdays? Longer trips? Offer deals that encourage the specific behavior you’re looking to drive.

To boost the number of campers that see your camping promos, be sure to opt in to our program to ensure your codes get featured on Campspot’s Marketplace Promo Page.

However you choose to drive reservations outside of top camping weekends, consistent messaging across all of your channels is the best way to ensure campers have all the information they need to make a purchase decision. We hope this list helps you think creatively about how you might entice even more campers to join your community.