When we asked Campspot’s leadership team the key phrases they had in mind when they thought of the year ahead, we heard, “make things easier for our customers,” “grow our organization while maintaining a standard of excellence” and “feature utilization.” Here at Campspot, we’re committed to making 2022 our customers’ best year yet. To learn more about what areas we’re excited to tackle, join us as we dive into conversations with Matt, Manager of Customer Success; Bryan, Director of Operations; and Casey, Director of Business Development.

Interview with Matt, Manager of Customer Success

For many parks, Matt is a familiar face to Campspot. Working closely with our success manager and implementation team, Matt helps the onboarding process and in-and-outs run smoothly. What you may not know is that one of Matt’s favorite places to camp is in the Florida Keys around the spring or fall and that he loves saltwater fishing. Tent camping or cabin stay experiences are his preferred way to stay and he often uses Campspot’s Marketplace to explore new camping options.

Ancillary Income Growth

When asked what he would predict for 2022 he stated, “Ancillary income for parks will continue to grow and become a larger percentage of their total revenue.” This year promises more revenue growth opportunities with further add-on amenities, reservation optimization, and features releases on the horizon!

Park Ownership Transitions

2021 also brought a trend of park transitions. Many have found the revenue potential of the camping industry and have purchased new parks while those looking for retirement have sold parks in the last year. In observance of this trend, Matt stated, “Property values continue to increase and we will continue to see a lot of campground sales. Many of these sales are going to ownership groups who already have an established portfolio on Campspot.”

He went on to comment, “My team works with many of those groups to streamline the transition process both for the owner departing and the new owner taking on that location to continue it with our system.” The experienced success team is confident in boarding new parks, supporting existing users, and offering suggestions to make the most of Campspot’s reservation software. This diverse experience and skill set make them a valuable asset to anyone partnering with us.


Interview with Bryan, Director of Operations

Bryan joined our team in 2021 and it is no surprise his phrase of choice for 2022 was, “Make things easier for our customers.” In this last year, he worked tirelessly to implement processes that streamline the onboarding experience and identify features that parks would benefit from. What you may not know is that Bryan lives on the West coast and enjoys backpacking Jade Lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area of Washington state.

Empowering Campground Owners

In 2022, Bryan is looking forward to completing work that empowers customers. He went on to state, “With improvements to features, self-service guides, tools, webinars and more customers should be better equipped than ever before to handle tasks themselves within Campspot that would previously require a phone call or email to our support team. This will be a big shift compared to previous years.” The camping industry has grown so much and it is important that parks feel fully equipped to handle the increased demand.

Scalable Reporting

Bryan also commented on the differences in reporting as it relates to individually owned parks and multi-park groups. He stated, “As an example, the same types of reporting on Campspot that are great for individual parks aren’t great if you are trying to review for several parks at once.” As we look forward to 2022 from a product development standpoint, we are focused on designing scalable solutions for parks to ensure all sizes are well supported.


Interview with Casey, Director of Business Development

Casey, the Director of Business Development is a familiar voice in the industry. Leading our sales team, his focus is “grow our organization while maintaining a standard of excellence” as it pertains to our partners.

Investments in Technology

Casey said, “I think in 2022, more and more parks will realize how much technology can help their day-to-day. The camping industry is poised for another record year—something as simple as taking online reservations will become more relevant to more campgrounds since their phones will be ringing off the hook.”

Record Growth

With the recent years of growth, not only have online reservations been a time saver but a necessity. In the same spirit of growth, Casey went on to state, “I predict another record year for many campgrounds. Advanced reservations are up, dynamic rules are in place, and parks are starting to embrace lock fees. Campground owners will take advantage of all the interest and make more revenue than ever.”

As many are familiar with Casey from a sales perspective you may not realize that growth is an active theme in his own life. Casey was able to climb his first 14K mountain in 2021 and hopes to exceed that feat in 2022.

With a brief look ahead at the year to come, Campspot realizes the growth and transitions that parks are experiencing. With this growth, we look forward to providing new revenue opportunities with the dependability and trust you have counted on. With a brief moment to pause, we can celebrate the milestones of 2021 and strive to serve our partners with excellence in the rest of the year to come. Cheers to all that’s ahead!