Did you see the news? You might have caught us on PR Newswire, Yahoo! Finance, or Woodall’s. Within a twelve month period, from May 2021 to May 2022, Campspot processed over $1B in gross bookings made in camping reservations!

On average, parks using Campspot saw an increase of 17% year over year in sales and the total revenue of parks on Campspot grew by 467% comparing Q1 2022 to Q1 2021. In the same timeframe, traffic to Campspot Marketplace increased by 232%.

And while this growth is all about an increase in camping sales, it’s also an important signal to the larger state of the outdoors industry and culture shifts. More people are turning to the outdoors industry and not just taking a camping trip, but adopting a camping lifestyle. In fact, in the first ever Campspot Outdoor Almanac, we discovered that 96% of campers say camping improves their mental health and nearly 60% seek out connection with others during their camping experiences. For many, camping is a lifeline that not only connects us with nature, but with each other.

That’s why we’re so excited to see this growth. To celebrate, we want to take a moment to pause and thank the campground owners who make incredible camping experiences possible. In 2021 alone, 578,157 Campspot campers booked trips and spent time in the great outdoors because of your work and dedication to delivering an exceptional camping experience.

That’s one heck of a lot of s’mores!

Here to say thanks for all that you do is Campspot CEO, Michael Scheinman.

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