Our most recent list of Campspot Award-winning campgrounds showcased a collection of parks of various sizes and locations throughout North America. From Paradise by the Sea Beach RV Resort in Oceanside, California to Pinnacle Trails Resort in Yellowhead County, Alberta, to Westward Shores Cottages & RV Resort in West Ossipee, New Hampshire—the awards recipients span many miles and are as diverse as the categories for which they were awarded. 

Yet—if we look a bit closer, there are many key elements shared among this collection of parks. What led to their success? What strategies do they employ that produce the most results? What core values and operating principles do they all share? And how do they leverage Campspot? 

Let’s find out. 

The mission of the Campspot Awards is to recognize excellence and help campgrounds learn from each other. To hear more about the secret sauce shared by Campspot Award-winning parks, be sure to check out our recent webinar where three winners shared greater detail about the strategies that led to their success. From community relationships, to how to empower staff, to spreading the word about their parks—this talk is full of gems of wisdom.