Campspot announces new gift card capabilities for reservation software platform users according to a press release by Woodall’s Campground Management. Recently awarded by TripSavvy as the “Best Campground Software”, Campspot was thrilled to Partner with Factor4 LLC, a provider of gift card and loyalty solutions, to offer this feature.

The camping industry has exploded in popularity over the past year. According to the 2021 KOA North America Camping Report, over 48 million households camped in 2020 with first-time campers comprising 21% or 10.1 million households. The report found that all campers intend to increase their trips in 2021 as COVID-19 concerns continue and people seek outdoor experiences.

As the camping industry continues to grow, gift cards provide an additional resource to campgrounds and RV parks. “We’re thrilled about our partnership with Factor4 because campground operators are in the business of selling experiences,” said Haley Dalian, marketing manager at Campspot. “There’s no better way to head into another record-breaking summer than to offer the unique gift of a camping experience at your property.” Campground gift cards provide the opportunity to share the gift of camping and attract new customers. 

Similarly, the use of gift cards encourages campers to purchase amenities and store merchandise that they may not have considered otherwise. With the ability to purchase and redeem gift cards in person or online, campgrounds can maximize revenue all while providing contactless payment options. Campground owners and managers will be sure to appreciate this feature as another busy camping season approaches.