Campspot customers now have the option to integrate with Wild Energy, a sustainable energy management solution for campgrounds. Wild Energy automates campground utility management, allowing parks to accurately recover expenses for both short and extended stays.

Campgrounds on Campspot who use Wild Energy can now seamlessly manage electric and water meter readings. The integration streamlines the way utility metering is handled within campgrounds and facilitates the automatic collection and input of meter readings into the system, saving valuable time and creating a more hands-off utility metering solution.

Why Parks Will Love This Integration:

Meter Reading Automation: Say goodbye to manual meter checks and data entry. With our integration, the process of collecting and inputting meter readings into Campspot is automated, drastically reducing the manual work required in your utility metering process.

Increased Operational Efficiency: By eliminating the need for manual intervention, campground staff can redirect their focus to other critical tasks, improving overall operational efficiency and saving time when it counts the most.

Improved Data Confidence: With automated meter reading collection and input, the potential for human error is significantly reduced, giving you and your guests greater confidence in your reading data.

There are benefits for your campers, too. Through this integration, campers have instant access to their usage data through Wild Energy’s guest-facing portal. This portal provides valuable insights into utility consumption during their stay, accessible through QR codes directly on utility meters at guest campsites.

“As consumers, the industry, and the world at large continue to become more conscious of energy consumption we strive to evolve in this direction and to support campgrounds in consciously managing energy consumption,” said Bryan Beightol, VP of Product & Design at Campspot.

“We’re excited to partner with Wild Energy to offer Campspot users the chance to level up their utility metering operations and to enable automation for operators that allows them a more hands-free and hassle-free experience.”

Are you ready to take your energy management to the next level and experience the future of utility metering? Explore how to get started with Campspot (and Wild Energy) today. For more information, visit or reach out to a Campspot team member today.