Campspot is excited to offer advanced options for reporting. While we currently provide robust reports available for download, we are expanding the ways in which we deliver that data to you.  Whether you track data for intrigue, or you manage multiple parks and rely on data for organizational growth, we want to give you the ability to see your reservation data in more consumable ways. 

Data is only as valuable as the insights that can be gleaned from it. Which is why Campspot now offers the ability to feed three years worth of reservation data into your preferred business insights tool. This feed, hosted by Amazon’s web storage services, is updated every night and contains reservation information going back three years. With insights around site income, occupancy, average daily rate, and more, flexibility in how to consume the reports can contribute to more valuable, data-driven insights over time. 

Among the most popular reports available on Campspot are the arrivals, departures, total payments, and rent roll reports. The reservation activity feed is a way to make the kind of information you find in these reports easier to consume and analyze. It’s another step in our effort to continue offering advanced options for reporting and empower you with more direct and flexible access to a set of standard metrics and data for your properties. 

Is This for Me?

This feature is ideal for owners who manage multiple parks and want a seamless way to access and analyze reservation data across your portfolio. It’s also available to anyone who wants to take their reporting to the next level. Technical set-up is required on both ends, so it will be easier for parks who have IT or operations employees on staff.

I’m Interested! What’s Next?

If you are interested in this feature or want to learn more about whether or not it’s right for you, reach out to our team at or