Campground: Durham Bridge RV Resort Ltd. (DBRV)
Location: Durham Bridge, New Brunswick
Owner: Kari & Rob Davis

How did you get into the camping industry?

For a few years before we opened the campground, we had talked about what we wanted to do in retirement. We knew that we could not just sit around and stare at each other! We also wanted the time to travel. So, we talked about what made us the most happy over the years and the same memories kept coming up in conversation: “Remember that camping trip when…?” As camping is a seasonal sport out here on the east coast of Canada, we would have our winters to travel.

We started looking for campgrounds in western Canada, where we are both from (British Columbia). Unfortunately, no property really gave us that “Yup! This is the right one” kind of feeling. So, we expanded our search for a campground to the rest of Canada and discovered the amazing opportunities on the east coast! In 2017, we made the life-changing decision to sell most of what we had, leave the friends and family we knew, and drive across the country to a place we had never been in search of new adventures!

In June of 2017, we purchased our own campground, which sits between the Nashwaak River and the New Brunswick trail system just north of Fredericton, NB. We celebrated Canada’s 150th by opening DBRV and haven’t looked back! It’s been a lot of work and a ton of fun. This is home now, and we are happier here than we ever could have imagined!

Durham Bridge RV Resort


What is unique about your property?

Our location sets us apart! It offers access to the beautiful Nashwaak River where you can hop on a floaty and enjoy the scenery. Or, start up an ATV and go for a ride on the expansive New Brunswick trail system. We also installed a new inground pool, which provides a nice place to cool off when you are done playing in the river or riding the trails.

Our smaller size is unique as well. It’s about 700 meters to complete the entire loop of the campground. We see campers of all ages walking or riding around the loop and visiting friends as they go! We feel that we have the best happy camper community out there. Whether a short-term or seasonal camper, you will make new friends here at DBRV— probably at Friday night cards in the clubhouse!

How has Campspot’s reservation system benefited your campground overall?

The biggest benefit we have experienced from Campspot is their online booking and payment functionality. I no longer need to be close to my computer to make a booking because I can simply send a link that allows the camper to select the spot they want and make the payment online. This has allowed us the freedom to spend more time with the campers or working on the property.

Durham Bridge RV Resort


What is your favorite feature of Campspot and why?

The online booking takes the cake! Being able to see both list and map views of the sites allows me to know quickly, easily, and confidently where each camper is and who is coming and going! Also, the ability to make notes in the camper files is great. Being able to make sure they are in a preferred spot or to invite them to return for a family event like a birthday or anniversary has been very well received.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of running our campground is getting to know our guests and to see all of the happy campers laughing and enjoying their stays! We also never get tired of catching up with returning campers.

Durham Bridge RV Resort


Tell us your favorite story related to your business or experience with a customer.

For us, one of our favorite experiences is when a camper has come to stay with us for the first time and before the end of their stay has asked to extend their trip or already booked another visit because they love it so much here!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your business?

We are a small, friendly campground and that is exactly how we want to keep it! Feedback from our campers is encouraged and always considered when we make decisions about events and improvements to the property or amenities.