Campgrounds on Campspot can now connect their lodging inventory to one of the most visited travel websites in the world: This exciting announcement opens up another avenue of exposure for parks, giving them the chance to expand into new markets and attract new campers, while continuing to manage all their inventory on the Campspot platform.

Modern consumers are accustomed to using online travel agencies to book trips, with the expectation that they’ll be able to find the best variety of options in that aggregate space. We want to connect our campgrounds with as many potential campers as possible, many of whom rely on these booking engines to plan trips.

What it Means for Parks on Campspot

Gain More Visibility for Your Park

Now, a larger swath of consumers can access your unique lodging sites alongside traditional hotel listings. According to, “more than 1.5 million room nights are booked on [the site] every single day.” Your lodging sites can now be among them with ease.

Reach New Customers

In the first issue of the Campspot Outdoor Almanac we found that 13% of campers got more into camping during the pandemic and now love camping. Not only does this integration increase visibility for campgrounds, it can help you reach those new customers who might not have previously considered a campground as a lodging option.

Campground lodging sites provide an alternate, eye-catching option for shoppers who are open to unique experiences, looking for more affordable options, or simply can’t find the right fit near where they need to go.

Increase Occupancy

This is good news for those especially hard-to-fill nights. With more consumers in a wider range of markets, it opens up more opportunities to fill your reservation grid.

Expand Marketing Efforts with Minimal Cost is essentially an additional marketing channel, now available for you to access with ease as part of your Campspot Software experience. It works continually to drive exposure for your campground opening up your park to even more campers than before.

Manage With Ease

Even as your exposure grows, flexibility and convenience remain. Thanks to a seamless integration with DerbySoft (the technology that facilitates the connection between Campspot and campgrounds can list inventory in multiple places while continuing to view and manage it all on Campspot. In fact, you can manage all reservations, across multiple locations, within the Campspot platform.


For more information about how the integration works with Campspot visit the FAQ page on our support site.

This is just the beginning of increased connections and integrations that will open up more opportunities for campgrounds through Campspot.